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Long Wave Stitch (Crochet Stitch Sampler Baby Blanket Video #8)

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How to Crochet the Weekend in Stockholm Throw

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Rubber Duck Baby Punch

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2 Ingredient Ice Cream No Machine Video Gemma Stafford

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Crochet Baby Kitty Hat ~ Easy

I was going to start off with so and thought that was not a good way to start my sentance to this post. I’m a HOT MESS as some would put it. My oldest daughter is going to have my first grandchild and we’re so excited until yesterday she plops in my face a rude unnerving text message stating that I her Mom is uninvited to her Baby Shower. I still am trying to finish her king sized 6 feet by 6 feet blanket for her and her husband’s bed that’s a beautiful burgundy and when she told everyone over 35 of us at Thanksgiving that she was having a Baby I automatically thought a Beautiful baby blanket. I wasn’t sure about the color so when she asked me “Mom, Could you make me a baby blanket?” I was happy and couldn’t say no, but now the pressure was on to get not one huge crocheted blanket done but two before July. There was other pressure added onto me prior to this. My Father was still in the rehab trying to get stronger only getting weaker, Me still unemployed with only my crocheting skills at hand and unable to make anything else knowing I have a $300 order waiting in the wings to get done. 

To be continued on the next post….



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Grandma Spiked My Ripple Stitch – Crochet Tutorial

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Ribbon Candy Crochet Blanket Tutorial – Beginner Friendly