Wow, So Cold!


I surely should have been a western girl, cause if I said a southern girl it wouldn’t matched my funny personality or my character. Just kidding! I say this because I am having a chilly moment sitting here writing this post in my blog and the cold air swooping up my legs and to my feet. I must have drafty windows, or the warmth from the vents are just as cold. Whatever the case may be, I’M COLD!! Now that I am older I cannot say my skin is thin, Hee, Hee. I am a thick woman. I had a Thyroid Disorder for five years and it was a weird time in my life, here I will explain what I experienced from it. I hope to never experience that again.

Ladies help me here, When some of us women are skinny and our clothes from the store that we pick out fit pretty good, fit comfortably. we than, feel good about ourselves and have confidence that clearly blows the store roof off of that store, and that could be just me, But when I was a really big woman and I don’t mean chunky, I mean 4X clothing and I don’t mean to offend or have offended any man, woman, or child. I can only talk about my experience here. I was 4X and was invited to my neice’s wedding, I was so embarrassed with myself and I’m sure my husband was from just being seen with me. I used to be a skinny lady. I was a size five when I gotten married to my husband and after I had 3 pregnancies two live births and one I couldn’t have but that’s another story. I looked good and had confidence. Clothes fit comfortablely and the clothes are pretty. When I gained uncontrollable weight the clothes at the stores weren’t all that pretty and they made you look like a house, brough my confidence down to depression.

Anyways, Before we went to my neice’s wedding I had to go buy a dress for that event. We went upstairs to Sear’s and I looked around and the dresses I found were really pretty but the ones I liked didn’t have my size. I was bummed, so I went to another rack and it had my size, bought it some accessories to go with it as my husband was frowning from the whole shopping adventure. We went to the wedding and it was gorgeous but also made it feel sad cause I always wanted my children to have fairytale weddings when they too gotten married, and cause I have been unemployed for many years due to my legs hurting, past accidents, my depression I was unable to get a job outside our home. That’s why in 2007 I started my own business up Crocheting blankets, hats and matching scarves to make money from and earn. The wedding was fun and later at the end of the night I felt good enough and my daughters wanted me to get up and dance with them. I don’t know how I gotten sidetracked in talking about being COLD to my neice’s wedding, my depression and opening up my own business, Lol. STRESS!



Success, Priceless

April 2018 – Robin Loves To Find Websites To Talk About

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May 1, 2018 – Robin Loves To Find Websites To Talk About

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What color would you define as success? I would imagine it to be a Bold color.  I was wondering just a few minutes ago if I searched for my Blog, What Search Engine I would find it on? Low and behold, I found it on Bing! One can ONLY be successful if they put their thoughts down on paper and write as many Articles as you can to get recognized on some search engine’s. 

I have finally made my plans to may be not be a successful writer just yet, but at least my articles are located on Bing. As a Blogger I like to sometimes write about

Old Carnival Rides ~



The Rides, the Fun,  The Himalaya’s


Amusements Parks, Carnival’s, and Circuses have been around for Centuries. Asking people to come and work for them in the late Spring to all Summer long to the Fall season where then they pack it all up and travel town to town up here, all of the other States as well as down South. 


But What happens to all of the old Rides? Is the metal smashed up and packed and shoved down a conveyor belt to get melted for Cash? Or Are they kept in a Junkyard to entertain passer byers, are they Vandalized? Maybe they are sold to other people for a Conversation piece!! 

The only thing to do is smash them down for cash, make money that way since nobody can sell them anymore! 

Yellow Fever in South Florida


Yellow fever is a disease caused by a virus that is spread to people by the bite of an infected mosquito.

Yellow fever develops quickly, with symptoms occurring three to six days after exposure. The initial symptoms of the infection are similar to those of the influenza virus. They include:
muscle aches
joint aches

Talking about Mosquitos we should all be weary on. I am worried about this Summer Season. Aren’t You? This is happening in South Florida as I am typing this. The Causes of The Yellow fever is caused by a virus that is spread by the Aedes aegypti  mosquito. These mosquitoes thrive in and near human habitations where they breed in even the cleanest water. Most cases of yellow fever occur in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical… 

There’s no cure for yellow fever. Treatment involves managing symptoms and assisting your immune system in fighting off the infection by:
getting enough fluids, possibly through your veins
getting oxygen
maintaining a healthy blood pressure
getting blood transfusions
having dialysis if you experience kidney failure
getting treatment for other infections that may develop

Yellow fever threatens South Florida after Zika scare
Larry Barszewski 1 day ago:   writes 

The Zika scare of 2016 could lead to a yellow fever panic this year if South Florida residents let down their guard when it comes to protecting themselves from disease-carrying mosquitoes.
There hasn’t been a yellow fever outbreak in the United States in more than 100 years, but state health officials are concerned that a large outbreak in Brazil and others in South and Central America could lead to infected travelers bringing the disease to South Florida, which has the right mosquitoes and climate for it to spread.
The disease is deadlier than the Zika virus. Zika raised alarms because many infected pregnant women gave birth to infants having microcephaly, a condition that causes abnormally small heads and developmental defects. Yellow fever can kill. Brazil reported 1,131 cases and 338 deaths attributable to yellow fever from July to March.

Most people infected with yellow fever will get symptoms so minor they won’t realize they have been infected. Even for those who do notice, the symptoms such as fever, chills and headaches don’t make it stand out from many other illnesses.
But for about 15 percent of the infected, the initial symptoms pass and then come back with a vengeance within a day, causing internal bleeding and jaundice — the yellowing of the skin that gives the fever its name — the failure of the liver and other organs. Of those, up to half die, usually within a week or two.

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