DIY crochet dark sole slippers, 2 yrs to adult XXL



If you ever see or hear this terminology WIP it means work in progress. What project your working on? or many time the person says What project do you have on your Hook? I have been watching this video for 2 days straight. This Lady who owns the video I will be following her on YouTube channel. Her instructions are easy to follow and simple, and I love simple.  When I was a little about ten years old my Mother taught us children how to Crochet and when I was that young I just wanted to be a kid. At ten I was also taught many other things cook, laundry, clean, taking care of our pets, and always pick the fruit off the tree’s when it’s ripe, giggles. Life back then was really good. I don’t want to get sidetracked in talking cause for me I would usually go into another topic, giggles.  This is what I have on my hook one slipper using J / 6.00 mm also using the Red Heart With Love color Merlot with two strands of yarn together, Pretty easy to work with.

Enjoy the Video, She is Amazing!   and of course and as always,






Basic Mitten Cuff Tutorial

Trying to adjust the color of my lettering to burgundy and not remembering how makes this monday manic, frustration sets in for the awaken moodiness, and it’s tiring not only from that but the weather isn’t the greatest outside it’s cloudy, and rainy. the air is crisp and the temperature is an enjoyable 51 degree’s for winter this is outstanding.

Anyways, annoyed as I was when it was colder outside and not having a yard for my dog to run in is harder for anybody. To step out in the chilly air without any gloves or mittens was beyond reasonable. Upon returning inside the house trying to warm up my hands went to place my hands under warm water only to find it absolutely freezing, more freezing than the cold water. What on Earth? I ran the hot water for twenty minutes still cold. I thought: Who can I call to see if maybe my hot water tank flame blew out? Hmm, I wondered the neighbor was working, the man of the house was running errands, and I couldn’t get the wall off to see if the flame was out. Well I waited till 7 pm the man of the house came home and took down the wall and lit the flame and we had hot water. Woot-Woot 

Besides all of that my hands were still freezing, the temperature that day was minus 18 degree’s. I didn’t have any gloves or mittens. So I found this really neat video on how to make mittens, this is how to make the cuff first before the actual mitten itself.  I’m sure after this video is the second video on how to make the mitten. Pretty color and easy to make if you know how to crochet.




Two Days



Hello All, I am quite busy since the holidays have passed, Birthday’s came and went. Then I’ve been crocheting small things while having the HUGE 6 foot blanket in between the little well needed things I’ve been making. I found a pattern for the swiffer mop. Yes the company makes these swiffer pads that you use once and throw away, depending on the size of container you buy. 8 count pads, 12 count pads or 36 count pads.  One day I ran out of the pads I had the 36 count ones. I bought the non-brand kind thought it was a great value and used 2 or 3 of them and was disappointed. Well as I was searching for a certain baby blanket pattern, I came across this pattern for a swiffer mop cover. I was ever so excited!! I just bought a couple months ago cotton yarn and was going to make cotton washcloths, towels, soap bar saver’s, scrubbies for dishes, and other cutsie things for my girls all handmade goodies placed in a light wicker basket all dressed up in pretty tissue paper with a pretty bow at the top handle for them.

Here’s the puicture that tickled me pink ~ 


I made one. Told my oldest daughter about it and she wants one too. Before too long I’ll be making a bunch of them to sell. Maybe some for my sister’s for xmas next year. It took me two days to make and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It actually works better than the swiffer wipes.  Not a bad Monday at all….

Sweet Gingham Tunisian Pattern

Here’s another adorable easy pattern for a Baby Blanket! Have to try this one too. Again not my video, I can’t take credit for it. 

Crochet Pooling Making Plaid

I was looking for a different pattern for another blanket, might even do this for a baby blanket. This video to me is exciting and interesting.  Thought I’d share. This isn’t my video, I can’t take credit for that. I love this pattern though. This is my 1st niche’. Crocheting is my favorite hobby. It’s also relaxing, it calms your mind. 

It’s Crunch Time!

I have been trying to get my daughter’s blanket done Crocheting 450 stitches in an hour is time consuming, and still after taking breaks periodically here and there I’ve been procrastinating.  IT’S CRUNCH TIME! I would like to get it done before her Birthday this year. We shall see.. I’ll be writing 2  articles a day maybe 3, and then the rest of that day I will be crocheting. 

It Is Two Cold in the Mitten

The state of Michigan is broken up into two peninsulas – the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. They are connected together by the Mackinac Bridge. Yooper names for the Mackinac Bridge – Da Crossing, Da Bridge, Big Mac, Troll Turnpike.


When I say Fall I didn’t mean old man Winter to spring upon us here in the north. The Wind and the temperatures dropped really low. I haven’t seen them this low since maybe five years ago. I have arthritis so my bones are achy, I also have Fibromyalgia so my muscles and other certain spots are in pain as well.  Up North near Canada we have Michigan Two Peninsula’s we have the Upper and Lower parts of Michigan. In the upper part the people who live there are the sweetest, nicest people they call their selves the Da Yooper’s. We are surrounded by five fresh water lakes.  I will name them for you: Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, and Lake Ontario. We have all four Season’s. Fall came for a few days it seemed and left in a rush. 


It feels like it’s the beginning of Winter in Fall.  I was explaining to Mr. Perfect that winter is going to come this earlier than expected this year. I have a friend I went to High school with and it’s already been snowing for two weeks in Colorado, that’s a very beautiful state in the U.S..  I have a friend in Canada and she was hit hard with snow, so that tells me that it’s going to sneak up on Da Yooper’s first, and than in Kalkaska. The pretty colors of the trees up north and around in my area are falling down fast. A neighbor friend from years ago told me when you see the leaves turn over it means the tree is thirsty.  We are also called Pure Michigan and there is so many things to do here. The Snow we get in some area’s north is enormous, and in the south is minimal usually. In the Upper Peninsula. Up there is where major snow falls.  


Roads are blocked with hills of snow, ice covered homes, roads, bridges, frozen solid lakes are getting ready for the community to go ice fishing, ice skating, and snowmobiles too. Don’t forget the beautiful waterfalls, sand dunes, The Soo Locks is the most amazing site to see, the water rises up while some ships stay and one freighter passes through the channel at a time than the water levels out for the freighter can pass through the channel and be on its way to where it needs to go.


On these freighters they carry shipments back and forth to many places, clothing stores, appliance stores, Grocery stores, liquor stores, and some our shipped by Semi trucks too. The end part of a Semi truck is called a trailer, who ever drives the truck can drop trailer off in a yard full of other truck trailers, and the trailers are placed with a huge crane on a Locomotive, and freighters. Semi’s travel every where in the USA and CANADA. I used to travel around when I was younger in a box truck and a Semi. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to see the sites and have the comforts of home inside the trucks too. 

Mackinac Bridge photographed east side of bridge from Mackinaw City, June 2009.
Mackinac Bridge photographed east side of bridge from Mackinaw City, June 2009.