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Sweet Gingham Tunisian Pattern

Here’s another adorable easy pattern for a Baby Blanket! Have to try this one too. Again not my video, I can’t take credit for it. 

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Crochet Pooling Making Plaid

I was looking for a different pattern for another blanket, might even do this for a baby blanket. This video to me is exciting and interesting.  Thought I’d share. This isn’t my video, I can’t take credit for that. I love this pattern though. This is my 1st niche’. Crocheting is my favorite hobby. It’s also relaxing, it calms your mind. 

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Can You Say ~ WOW

Hello All, 

I opened up my newsfeed today which I don’t normally do and as I’m reading around the page on Yahoo I find this to find this article about texting. It caught my eye cause like anybody else texting is the norm. I seen the state of California is going to charge a fee for Yes you guessed it, TEXTING! I found it odd but upon reading the this post more in depth I noticed it’s to help out the people of a lower income. First, I thought that’s a good idea and next I thought well if they can’t afford a phone in California than why have one. There’s ways around these phones. First of all they have government phones that are completely free, they give you a number that is your own, they ship the phone to you and of course a charger. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s FREE!

Companies just come up with new things to charge fee’s to charge people unnecessary taxes. Now let’s analyze this with other thing’s in life. I love analyzing problems. I should be a problem analyzer, maybe I will begin that in the near future. Anyways, to get back in what I was going to say before I got side tracked on different thoughts, laughing out loud. Look and at other areas in our lives: Churches, Why do they have new rules? It’s like they make them up as they go along with a new sermon when they preach. Why do churches ask it’s people to give money to them? Did you ever see how these religious people take money from people to give them words from a book called a bible? and How do they make this money to drive fancy cars? They drive BMW’s, Cadillac’s, Lincolns, and live in a house like most people, and probably eat better than most of us? 

Another thing that’s unbelievable to me is when searching for a job on they advertise no experience on some jobs, but if you read the description of the post about the job it states that you need this amount of years experience. Okay so we see that some of these thing’s have factors.  


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Turn Your Melodrama into a Mellow-Drama

Chapter 20 ~  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

In a certain respect, this strategy is just another way of saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  Many people live as if life were a melodrama—- “an extravagantly theatrical play in which action and plot predominate.” Sound familiar? In dramatic fashion, we blow things out of proportion, and make a big deal out of little things. We forget that life isn’t as bad as we’re making it out to be. We also forget when we’re blowing things out of proportion, we are the ones  doing the blowing. 

I’ve found that simply reminding myself that life doesn’t have to be a soap opera is a powerful method of calming down. When I get too worked up or start taking myself too seriously ( which happens more than I like to admit), I say to myself something like, ” Here I go again.  My soap opera is starting.”  Almost always, this takes the edge off of my seriousness and helps me laugh at myself.  Often, this simple reminder enables me to change the channel to a more peaceful station. My melodrama is transformed into a “mellow-drama.” 

If you ever watched a soap opera, you’ve seen how the characters will take little things so seriously as to ruin their lives over them—someone says something to offend them, looks at them wrong, or flirts with their spouse. Their response is usually, “Oh my gosh. How could this happen to me?” Then they exacerbate the problem by talking to others about “how awful it is.”  They turn life into an emergency—a melodrama.

The next time you feel stressed out, experiment with this strategy—remind yourself that life isn’t an emergency and turn your melodrama into a mellow-drama. 

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Monday Morning

Waking up early in the morning has it’s good and bad points. The good point is when I wake up in the morning early I have good intentions in getting my list of things to do checked off one by one more each time I accomplish something Ha, Ha, Ha, who am I kidding I will say that I’m going to only to look at the mess as another task and say after I do this, I will tackle that later. But Mondays I just like to relax and write articles on my computer, Crochet while I watch a few shows on the boob tube I missed from the busy weekend I had. The Bad point: IT’S MONDAY!! Yuck..


You would think that the first day of the week would be easy but it’s not. People are either slow moving with coffee in hand or they’re rushing around with their heads chopped off, figuratively speaking of course! Any which way you look at it there’s no hope. Hope your Monday was enjoyable. Mr. Hottie (My husband’s 50th birthday was tonight or I would have gotten this post out earlier but we had company over. 

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No Compassion

I was visiting my Dad the other day in the nursing home and the male nurse there looked frustrated with my Dad. My Dad is blind, hard of hearing, has a very long list of medical problems, he is a mouth breather, and now falls over when he walks with a walker. Come to find out he has a broken neck. Well that explains everything, all of his symptoms match. While everyone around is making fun of him and is embarrassed by his outbursts, I stood there and had tears come out of my eyes. No compassion none of them had. It was a sad sight to see. The staff go to school to get properly trained, work in a nursing home / rehab setting just to giggle and act frustrated. Where is your compassion? This is your Job! What you wanted to do as a line of work, a Career? I truly believe that these young people are there to receive a check and not care about our loved ones as they say.

There’s another place in my parent’s area that I’m going to call on, their reviews are absolutely horrible. The Nursing Home / Rehabilitation Center where my Father’s at is a wonderful place to be at. Besides the few people in his wing that work there. “A senior citizen club says older Australians isolated in their communities face greater loneliness if member numbers keep dwindling.”  “Independence is one of the most important things people want to retain, even in old age. In fact, one study revealed that as much as 90% of people aged 65 and up want to stay home for as long as they can.”  “Social isolation is one of the leading causes of depression in seniors. Loneliness can easily turn to feelings of worthlessness and despair. “
Taking care of elderly is a tough task but with little presence of mind and right decisions you can easily do this. This article includes tips to take care of elderly women.

As the talk of robots taking our jobs continues to be a hot topic, the media has created a buzz around robots eventually replacing humans as the elderly population’s caregivers.


Here’s an article I just found on the web:

REVEALED: Scandal of how 1,000 elderly ‘die of thirst in care homes’ Being left without water and becoming severely dehydrated was linked to 1,158 deaths of ­elderly and vulnerable patients between 2003 and 2012.
Dr. Alison Cook, from the ­Alzheimer’s Society, said: “How can we call ourselves civilized when people are left to starve or die of thirst? It is an utter disgrace that they are ever left without the most basic care.”
Some 318 care home residents died from starvation or when severely malnourished over the same period, and 2,815 deaths were related to bed sores.
The shock figures about the poor treatment of care home ­residents in England and Wales were released under Freedom of Information laws from the Office for National Statistics.
The real figures are expected to be far higher because residents who died while in hospital were not included.
Dot Gibson, General secretary of the National Pensioners ­Convention, called for an urgent overhaul in social care.
She said: “It is not good enough for ministers or the care regulator to talk about making improvements by 2015 when, in the ­meantime, older people are dying from neglect.
“The public would be outraged if animals were treated in the same way – we need to show the same compassion when it comes to ­caring for our elderly loved ones.”

Last year the Care Quality Commission issued 818 warning notices to adult social care services in England – around two thirds more than the preceding year.
Norman Lamb, the care and support minister, said the deaths from thirst and starvation were “entirely unacceptable”. The Competition and Markets Authority launched an investigation into the entire British social care home sector, after concerns were raised about unfair practices. ELDERLY residents forced out of doomed care homes and into hospitals because there is nowhere else for them to go will cost the NHS £3billion-a-year by 2020, a report warns. A RECORD number of Britons in care homes are suffering from dementia, far more than previously thought, according to a new report. Care homes are being viewed “as a last resort” for nursing students when no other placements can be found, according to managers, who say the setting should be valued more highly by educators.
Council’s decision to close elderly care home not unlawful – UK Human Rights Blog

Johnson & Johnson Pays for Misleading Elderly Patients
$2 Billion Penalty for Falsely Marketing Drugs and Putting Patients’ Health at Risk

Nursing home quality is ‘biggest concern’ in social care, say inspectors | News | Nursing
The quality of nursing homes remains the “biggest concern” for inspectors according to a new report on the state of adult social care services, which also stresses that the sector continues…

It is believed that the women, wearing their uniforms, napped for nearly three hours while they should have been looking after patients at Westroyd Care Home in Shepshed, Leics.



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Become a Less Aggressive Driver


mdroadrageChapter 19 ~ Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Where do you get the most uptight? If you’re like most people, driving in traffic is probably high on your list.  To look at most major freeways these days,  you’d think you were on a racetrack instead of a roadway.

There are three excellent reasons for becoming a less aggressive driver.  First, when you are aggressive, you put yourself and everyone else around you in extreme danger.  Second, driving aggressively is extremely stressful.  Your blood pressure goes up, your grip on the wheel tightens, your eyes are strained, and your thoughts are spinning out of control.  Finally, you end up saving no time in getting to where you want to go. 

Recently I was driving south from Oakland to San Jose. Traffic was heavy, but moving. I noticed an extremely aggressive and angry driver weaving in and out of the lanes, speeding up slowing down.  Clearly, he was in a hurry. For the most part I remained in the same lane for the entire forty-mile journey.  I was listening to an audiotape I had just purchased and daydreaming along the way.  I enjoyed the trip a great deal because driving gives me a chance to be alone.  As I was exiting off the freeway, the aggressive driver came up behind me and raced on by.  Without realizing it, I had actually arrived in San Jose ahead of him.  All of his weaving, rapid acceleration, and putting families at risk had earned him nothing except perhaps  some high blood pressure, and a great deal of wear and tare on his vehicle. On average, he and I had driven at the same speed.

The same principal applies when you see drivers speeding past you so that they can beat you to the next stoplight. It simply doesn’t pay to speed. This is especially true if you get a ticket and have to spend eight hours in traffic school. It will take you years of dangerous speeding to make up this time alone. 

When you make the conscious decision to become a less aggressive driver, you begin using your time in the car to relax. Try to see your driving not only as a way of getting you somewhere,  but as a chance to breathe and to reflect.  Rather than tensing your muscles, see if you can relax them instead.  I even have a few audiotapes that are specifically geared toward muscular relaxation.  Sometimes I pop one in and listen.  By the time I reach my destination I feel more relaxed than I did before getting into the car.  During the course of your lifetime,  you’re probably going to spend a great deal of time driving.  You can spend those moments being frustrated, or you can use them wisely.  If you do the latter, you’ll be a more relaxed person.